Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TARP Candidate Withdraws

Using the "I-think-I-left-my-garage-door-open" excuse, Frank Brosens, a hedge-fund manager and big Democratic donor, withdrew his name from consideration to run the $700 billion bailout program. Mr. Brosens said
[H]e withdrew his name for personal reasons, including wanting to remain at his hedge fund, Taconic Capital Advisors. "I very much wanted to find a way to serve," he said. Among the reasons he cited for withdrawing was the need to commute between Washington and New York, where his son is in school.
For his replacement, Geithner is reported to be considering the current head (since 9/08) of Fannie Mae Herb Allison. Barney Frank is "Fwabbergasted."

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