Saturday, April 11, 2009

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  1. First, this is a thinly veiled anon-but you must know that already. Readers who do not know you haven’t been around long, and that means they’re new to blogs which seems unlikely that they’d land here. Why newly anon? More cred? Where was the big ‘new blog’ splash usually received? This puzzlement leads to thinking that the blog is not as straightforward as the host would like readers to believe, prompting suspicion.

    Second: Another ‘conservative’ partisan blog (though I’d argue we have no true conservative bloggers in Howard). Politics can be non partisan, folks. It can be about constituencies, rights, taxes, and it’s not all black and white. The target market of new blog readers will immediately see this is for Republicans-only and that fact constricts the market tremendously, and doesn’t persuade or lead others to change. If the blog had true conservative Buckley or Bennett ideals or even George Will leanings applied locally I’d take that back.

    Third, how is this blog different than the other Republican blogs that claim to embrace business and capitalism while selecting the businesses deemed too big to fail (and just how did they get too big?), using taxpayer money to bail them out (don’t even try to pin all of that on the current administration) and siding with selected local businesses against other local businesses? It’s still all about money - from others to the most powerful.

    Fourth: I see Greg is an ardent fan. My guess is that he’s:

    1) The blog host (under a contrived moniker),
    2) A plant from the blog host,
    3) Predictable as heck, and correspondingly boring.

    Fifth: Where’s the site meter? Guess you don’t want to win the [] title again next year.

    I’m going to follow blog protocol and not name you, as bygones are bygones. Even so, trust will always be an issue where you are concerned – if one is to learn from experiences.


    ANON (as anyone can be, old friend)

  2. Dear Smarty-Pants,
    I have no idea:
    1) Who you are
    2) Who you think I am
    3) What previous blog you are referring to

    It appears that whomever you think I am touched you in a bad place emotionally and I feel bad for that. However I can assure you that the only other blog I've ever maintained was a brief Oriole's blog that became a dispirited grief center in the middle of the 2007 season.

    I'd welcome the exchange of ideas if you had posted anything more than a glib line of gentle insults. I think this blog could benefit greatly from an opposing view point and would welcome anything you may want to throw into the debate. I don't much care for polemics and don't consider myself to be one. However, nothing I write is aimed at broadening my market share. You won't see one ad on this site. Honestly the blog is for me first. I hope to entertain and inform, but that is all secondary.

    I have considered whether to post my name, but in the age of Google I'd rather not have this blog come up as a result for potential employers. I obviously don't go to any great measure to hide my identity, although I appear to have fooled you.

    I don't get many comments, so I won't enforce this rule on the first go round, but if you can think of nothing more than to insult me or my commenters again, I will delete your post. You seemed to be beginning to post an interesting idea about non-partisan political speech, but then go ad hominem on me. You're better than that.

    I know your type. You are sarcastic and mean, but don't have many ideas of your own to offer. I've found myself on the wrong side of that coin many times, mostly because it's easy. If we are going to start a debate, and remove the "black and white" of it all, I'll expect you to come back with substance.


  3. Ah! Confirmation ;)

    Your style of self-righteous chest pounding while claiming something that never happened can only be one-of-a-kind. At least we would hope so.

  4. Ok, so I'll have to assume this person's name was "Tom". I can assure you I'm not your man, but I am tired of your Sherlock Holmes game. Go ahead and break "blogger code" or whatever you are referring to and tell me who you think I am and what blog you think I previously held. I am starting to think that you are just plain crazy.

    "Self-righteous chest pounding"...well if I ever meet you I will know you by your hypocrisy.