Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speed Camera Reversal

This morning the Sun reported that the speed camera bill had been voted dead. This afternoon the bill has passed after proding by Governor O'Malley. Some quick reasons why this is bad:

1) The idea of Separation of Powers was ridiculed here. The legislature is intended to be an independent body.

2) The reason for this bill is made even more stark. Why would the governor care so much about a bill with everything else that's going on? Well his slots proposal is in the toilet and state revenue is way down. The bill is crafted in such a way that local governments are only allowed to keep costs plus 10%!!! They made this bill so that localities will feed money to the state general fund. I'm so glad the Sun did such a great job covering this explicit shake down of Maryland drivers

3) This is a hastily drawn bill that will be hastily executed. The article this morning mentioned that one of the legislators spoke on the floor about how he had been erroneously fined by one of these cameras in Montgomery County and that it took FOUR MONTHS to sort it out. This story was left out of the present article.

The only good news here is that this is an explicit example of how Democrats have very little interest in "the right to be left alone". If there is a means to step on the individual in favor of the collective, it will be sought out and exploited.