Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anthony Jordan -- Development

I'd like you guys (and possibly gals?) to check out a posting on Anthony Jordan's site. I've been working with him on his campaign and we plan to keep the site updated regularly with insight on where Anthony stands on county issues. Today's post is about Howard County development and the results of letting developers run your council chamber.


  1. I'm nearly speechless. We have NO ONE filling this gaping absence in land use position, except Anthony. And the help he's getting from this blog host makes me think the race is going to get surprisingly difficult for Calvin Ball. The word on the street was to dismiss Anthony's candidacy and look for a D to run against Calvin, so ghastly is his record. But this position and the help he's getting changes everything. God Bless Joan Becker if she had anything to do with this, and I'm not a republican so this is not an advertisement.

  2. Glad to see the support, Anonymous. You can bet we'll be putting on a tough campaign.

    Joan Becker and the rest of the Central Committee are unable to lend any support to Anthony's candidacy until after the primary (should there be one). Such formalities are frustrating, but understandable.