Friday, May 15, 2009

GTMO Pictures & The Worst Politician...Ever

What is the interest in publishing pictures of GTMO abuse other than a sick fascination with the dirty side of intelligence?  Sunlight is the best disinfectant, but does this maxim apply to all things.  Can it apply to news that is so abrasive that it will almost certainly cause Americans to be killed across the world?  When Abu Gharib pictures were released, we saw an American beheaded on video in an orange jump-suit.  He was not the last to meet such a fate.  Does anyone doubt that the release of these photos will lead to the exact same result if not worse?

Nancy Pelosi exposes the hypocrisy and front-runner nature of Democratic (big d) politics.  Biden (Hillary, Kerry, etc.) was for the Iraqi war before such a sentiment was unpopular.  Pelosi wanted to make sure the "enhanced interrogation methods" were enough, until it such ideas became out of fashion.  Republicans are excoriated for being backwards and outside of popular thought, but might it just be that Republicans are sticking to their guns on principled issues?  While we may not agree with all of the planks (myself included) I can respect politicians that stand by their honestly held convictions rather than run with the wind.  Pelosi should be ashamed.  Say what you want about Bush and Cheney, but Pelosi represents all that is wrong with politics.  

It may bother me that I don't agree with certain policies, but hopefully those policies stay still long enough for me to disagree with them.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing; what purpose does printing these photos serve? It certainly would harm us world over.

    But each time I see the Ds do something stupid, I don't get upset with them. My frustration is directed toward the Rs who abandoned fiscal responsibility, partnered with conservative flavored special interests, and then I get super-frustrated with Independent voters who listen to mainstream press ridiculing third party candidates, resulting in Independent voter refusal to consider casting a vote that matters.