Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Small Request

I know that Blogger can be a pain to put a profile in, but I'm curious if some of my Anonymi may sign their names within the content of their comment. I am not going to try to find out your true identity, and a first name will certainly work, but I want to be able to respond to commenters and it becomes difficult when everyone is Anonymous. I also would like to get to know the views of those that comment, and will be better able to aggregate past views if there is a single name to identify with. If you are uncomfortable doing this, I understand.


  1. No can do, blog pup. Monikers are hijacked, false attributions are made, commenters are tracked.


    Submit your blog site there for more traffic.

  3. I understand and appreciate your feedback. Just thought I'd ask.

    Also, thank you for the tip. I put in a submission and hope to receive new Anonymi anyday now.