Saturday, July 25, 2009

Democracy's Marketplace

(I'm back)

The United States provides a unique brand of democracy in that the laws of the independent states provide a marketplace for policy ideas and tax schemes. Florida has no income tax, but high sales taxes. Various states allow civil unions between same-sex couples. If the enticement is enough to overcome the cost/convenience of moving, a citizen will move to the more favorable legal position.

As noted earlier on this blog, there is a debate on whether millionaires are moving out of Maryland to avoid the higher tax burden. This has been ridiculed by the Baltimore Sun. Among their arguments is the contention that the burden of moving would be more than the difference in taxation, therefore it is ridiculous to suggest they would move to avoid the burden.

However today, without comment or the collection of an opposing view, the Sun includes a statement of State Senate President Mike Miller suggesting that Maryland families may move to Delaware to enjoy the right to gamble on NFL football games. This argument was also used in favor of bringing slots to Maryland.

There are two derivative/supporting points that may be taken from this: 1) People would rather move for recreation than to preserve hundreds of thousands of dollars in income; 2) The Senate acknowledges that gambling is not recreation but a life shaping addiction.

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  1. A couple of responses:
    1) Mike Miller is dangerous, in many ways. He's so freaking powerful that no one will say anything bad (but true) about his arm twisting and totalitarian control over our State Senate - I speak from watching what he does with the bills he doesn't like - he's the absolute worst of politics and crime rolled up into one abusive and unilaterally powerful position.

    2) No one, absolutely no one should ever expect truth from the Baltimore Sun. At least the Post believes in what they are doing. But the Sun is like the Mike Miller of newspapers.