Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GOP Time Out

There is a great article from The Daily Beast discussing the "yahoos" that seem to be pounding the GOP drum over the past 8 months. The author contends that those fighting for Obama's birth certificate are making a farce of the party and threaten to destroy it. I couldn't agree more.

The value of political parties, in their purest form, is a magazine of ideas that shows some flexibility, but holds to one core value (small government v. government utility) to promote the remainder of the planks. I hope that my boiling of the Democrat platform to "government utility" is without contention, as I think the most noble goal of Democrats is to raise up the under-represented and disadvantaged through the use of government. I certainly don't agree with the means, but I understand the reason behind it.

Right now the Republicans have a legion of people wearing American flags as polo shirts, calling Obama "Owe-bama", and railing about his birth certificate. It is disheartening. If you asked these same people about how the economy should be cured or how we should address rogue nations (remember when we used that term?) like North Korea, they'll stare back at you and say "I want the gubment out of my bidness...TEA PARTY, WHOOOO!" I don't mean to completely disparage those that I may otherwise agree with, but let's drop this crap. Obama is the President of our country. If you disagree with his ideas, come up with better ones and sell them to your community.

If you can't do that, you are wasting your time.


  1. John In Ellicott CityJuly 29, 2009 at 7:27 PM

    This post proposes that the two party system is in fact two separate forces working towards different objectives. I contend that this is not the case. If you examine the policies as pushed by the Obama Administration you will find many commonalities with the Bush policies that where so derided such a short time ago.They are in fact one and the same on many "hot button" topics such as domestic spying or the so called "transparency" that was so big in the campaign speeches.
    Calling for the actual birth certificate is a right of the American people whether or not you believe he is an American citizen by birth. The constitution is still the governing document of the United states Government and anything that does not comply with its content is null and void. Including the president.
    You may see the republican who back the "birthers" as a farce but, there are many who see any individual who bows to the party line without and factual evidence as typical American "sheeple"
    Obama brought this upon himself. Why hide all his background documentation? Unless there is something he doesn't want anyone to see.
    Check out the laws he signed the day he took office if you don't think there is a skeleton in his closet..

  2. John,
    I appreciate the comment.

    I agree that the Constitution is an incredibly important document. Did you ever hear that Vice President Cheney was most likely an invalid VP due to residency requirements? There was no uproar from the "birthers" on this point, but if the Constitution is what they're fighting for, they need to stay consistent.

    What it really sounds like is sour grapes. I think you can agree that birthers are using the Constitution towards their ends rather than the ends being the Constitution in itself.

    I think Republicans can win on ideas. If the birthers are right and Obama gets booted, we have Biden...who will probably tongue tie himself into a nuclear war. What the party needs is better ideas and better candidates, not this charade.

  3. John in Ellicott CityJuly 30, 2009 at 7:11 AM

    First, I had not heard anything about the residency issues with Cheney. But, if for some reason anyone had questions about his eligibility then they should have been brought up in a public forum. I would suspect that this did not happen due to problems with the evidence because, as we both know that nobody was being nice to that particular administration.
    Second, You and everyone else needs to realize that the "birthers" are not nececessarily republicans. Republicans may be more likely to support this stance but, the main force behind the "birthers" are those who have become disillusioned with the modern political process. These people may not even be connected to a organized political party at all.
    Also, just because we will end up with Biden is no reason not to ask the question. That says more than anything else about the current political environment we are living with.
    Besides, Obama has created his own little war why not let Biden have his?

  4. All good points. Thank you for your readership John.

  5. John in Ellicott CityJuly 30, 2009 at 8:20 AM

    As far as the Republican party is concerned... My belief is that they have lost their way. They embrace supposed "core" values that distance themselves from the mainstream population. This rigid stance on certain idealogical issues and the waffling on the issues that really make a difference to the US population is where the party weakness is coming from. Issues like our foreign policy, monitary policy, business regulations, community assistance programs, etc.. are being drowned in the mud associated with abortion rights, Terry Schivo (sp?) gay marriage and family values. Get off the Horse and talk to people. Real people not business leaders or lobbyists...
    The democrats have a natural advantage when you can promise the resources of the US government to provide assistance when times are tough.
    Both parties have been hit with the tarnish of scandle, ineptitude, and a percieved separation from the day to day life of the US population.
    Obama had it right on one main point... Change is the answer... For both parties.
    Ideas are a dime a dozen. We need leaders who can separate the junk from the jewels. To do this someone is going to have to put his/her neck on the line.
    I suspect that we are going to be waiting for quite a while for a politician to take a chance with their own personal well being.