Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great Wash Times Editorial

Monica Crowley writes a fantastic editorial about "American Exceptionalism" and how the PC maxims of "everybody is great" have mucked up our government.

While reading, please remember that it is much cooler to think America is at fault for the troubles of the world and Europe is where peace, love, and harmony are growing.

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  1. Very interesting. The author underscores the importance of being a nation of laws and not men, but then goes on to say we’re a world of men wherein the US is exceptional.

    If your ideal is that law trumps men, then it works in all arenas. Everyone must follow the rules, no exceptions just because we think we’re special.

    Here at the local level we can see these dichotomies in practice in special powerful groups enjoy the state of being thoroughly exempt from law to the point where there’s a “let them eat cake” attitude from electeds.

    Residents continue to be lied to by our own elected county council in the north, east, south and west. In Elkridge, Columbia, Lisbon, Ellicott City, Laurel, Woodbine. As long as no one looks at the results of what the council does and only reads expensive campaign literature they will be re-elected using money from those same special people that garnered favorable decisions after putting money in the campaign accounts of those who make decisions.

    The rules do not apply to those who pay electeds and reap profits from taxpayer subsidies, stockpiling taxpayer money for more favorable decisions.

    Locally, folks, your vote counts more than any other place. Get to know a county council member. Take one hour weekly to read what they’ve done, weighed against who gives them money. That’s all it will take for us to vote against the moneyed candidates next year and become a county of laws, not special exceptions for certain men.