Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maryland GOP

The Baltimore Sun appears to take great pleasure in writing articles about the current disarray within the Maryland GOP. In reality, party leadership is not as critical as the Sun makes it out to be.

In sports terms, the Chairman sets the formation, but it is the elected officials that write the plays. I spoken with a number of state officials that have expressed frustration with Maryland GOP leadership due to the over abundance of commitments they are asked to make on a variety of issues. What these commitments end up doing is tie the hands of our GOP Senators and Delegates so that they have no bargaineering power as a minority force. Furthermore, we should not have party officials dictating policy to politicians that have to gain independent and democrat votes in the general.

It appears that Mr. Pelura, whom I've never met, wants to be a policy wonk, when in reality he should be a cattle driver. Our officials need us to stir up the troops and build a volunteer base. Howard Dean didn't get Obama elected, but he made it possible for Democrats to win red states by stirring up and expanding blue contingents. If we are going to win in Maryland, we need our politicians to provide a consistent message and we need our party leadership to get it out.

That is if the GOP stands for anything other than religious maxims and corporate nonsense anymore.

In related news, Ehrlich's former speechwriter posted an editorial today. I love the ever so slight persuasive effort to get people behind Ehrlich's ghost candidacy rather than the growing camps behind rising stars such as Charles Lollar. We'll see. All I know is that people seem to care so much about what the party is doing state-wide when all that really matters is what's happening in the county. All politics are local.

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  1. ...if the GOP stand for anything other than..
    That is the entire problem and solution summed up in a mildly tangential sidebar statement. It'll be the problem/solution locally, statewide, nationally. It's the future.