Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not Much Today

Sorry for not posting too much today. I've been looking for places to hide my way of life now that the Dems have a Super Majority in the Senate. If only Al Gore had kept that lock-box around, I would have finally found a use for it.

More importantly, please check out Anthony Jordan's new site (with a new post today).


  1. The Anthony Jordan link is malfunctioning

  2. Whoops. Thanks. Should be fixed.

  3. Unrelated to this post and regarding schools, check out Bloomberg in NY opposing any new religious holidays: Bloomberg Opposing New Religious School Holidays

    I don't get it. This is not a difficult item! When kids come into a school the family fills out a form designating one or two religions. If we have any kind of data gathering system at all in these school systems, it would be easy to allow the child to take the holiday by getting their work ahead of time, while the school system would refrain from counting an absence for those days missed on the list of holidays for that/those religions designated by the family.

    This could be done for all religions.

    While I'm in favor of teaching children that there is a higher power than those who walk the Earth and it would be beneficial to teach the practice of religions rather than the warfare of being righteous, I also don't think putting school systems into the position of determining which are legit religions is productive or stands a chance of being perceived accurate.