Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sarah Palin Chronicles

I'm no Sarah Palin fan. I think she is a straw man that the media and Democrats like to hold up as the Republican voodoo doll and say "Oh, you all like her so much...yes you do...well look at how stupid she is" as they throw insult after insult. I think it is unfortunate that this woman was given the false impression that she was some Republican savior, but I also feel that a real politician would have known better.

She is now resigning from her Governorship to "tend to other matters." Someone tell Sarah that those other matters better not involve the Appalachian trail because Gov. Sanford already used that one up. If she still has any hopes of being elected on the federal level and thinks resigning will help, I believe she is sorely mistaken. I thought she came off as a wing-bat before ("Russia is right off the coast") but now I'm sure.

Looks like the media will have to go back to saying Rush Limbaugh is the figurehead of the party. Funny how no one ever said Al Franken or Keith Olbermann were Democratic leaders.


  1. Sarah Palin's rise to power in politics is a fluke, possibly a fluke that can only occur in Alaska. She is basically honest, non-politically oriented, unpolished, and good-hearted. I don't like her. But those that I do like are wrecking our economy, capitalism, and Democracy.

    Intelligence does not equal leadership or good representation for the masses. Our failure to elect someone decent who really has their heart in the right place is killing us.

    And we are all responsible. Every person that does not spend a single hour weekly on finding out what their own local council member has done is guilty. The mainstream media that gushes over accidents but won't print campaign money amounts is guilty. It's the classic case of dysfunction feeding dysfunction where everyone's happy until, whoops, all is permanently lost.

  2. Where's greg been? Did I scare him off?

  3. I don't think you've scared him off. I've got at least a handful of silent readers. Sometime in August I may try to do a guest post on one of the other HoCo blogs to see if I can get some more traffic over here.

    However, I am sure Greg appreciates the concern.

  4. i do appreciate the shout out anonymous...

    Palin in my opinion is the most uncomfortable person to listen to speak since Bush. i find myself constantly tensing up as she fumbles through cliché after cliché. I don't understand how someone like her could rise to such prominence within the party. There should be some sort of test you have to take before you get to speak on behalf of the ENTIRE party. I think if John had known her vocabulary consisted only of clichés and winking he would’ve looked a little harder for a running mate.

    I feel totally and helplessly unrepresented.

  5. Is the "Greg" that comments here Greg Fox or some other person named Greg?

  6. You must know little about Greg Fox. He wouldn't be bothered to read anything constituents are saying - he can barely make a council meeting in full, and has said he will not consider constituent email in his decisions.

  7. Ha ha, uh oh. Looks like the pains of allowing Anonymous posters is being felt.

    I actually do know Greg Fox and like him a great deal. He's responded to every e-mail I've ever sent him and I'm sorry if you've had a bad experience. I must assume that this is more of an attack than an actual criticism, but all the same I know he wouldn't want anyone to feel under-represented.

  8. No attack, based entirely on first hand experience. Purely factual. I like Fox as a person but he's failed the constituency from a leadership perspective.