Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Delegate Cardin Sittin' in a Tree


Del. Cardin showed once again that our politicians see the state as their playground and all of the state agencies as their toys. He engaged Baltimore County air and watercraft to stage a raid that was to lead to his proposal in marriage...awwwwww. While hearts around the state melt, allow me to pound the table a bit. WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?

At any point in the planning stage did anyone go "Um, chief...so what if...you know...a real crime happens while we're..."

"Shut up Johnson. Just make sure the champagne stays cold and you get a shot of her when she says 'yes'."


  1. With judgement that poor (giving the benefit of the doubt), looks like an opponent has a wide open opportunity. And the timing of this stunt couldn't have been worse. What was he even thinking?

  2. He did mess up--big time. However, he has apologized and offered to pay for everything.

    Sometimes, while in love, people make very bad decisions. I don't think it is reasonable to suggest this is refelctive of our politicians seeing "the state as their playground and all of the state agencies as their toys." There are examples in every profession where people use very poor judgement.

    Cardin has been in office for almost 7 years. Has anyone seen this as a pattern?

  3. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the visit and the post (I believe you may be new). My contention is at some point along the way Cardin considered that his position allowed him some influences that others did not have. There has been additional coverage of this recounting him telling other congressmen about his proposal in a forum setting and getting a round of applause.

    Sheila Dixon (speaks for itself), Mike Miller (using influence to get his son a judge-ship), and now Cardin are only the examples that raise to the level of being covered by the Sun.

    As far as people doing crazy things when they are in love, I think that is a cop out. These are police, not Jumbo-trons. They are not meant to be used in a romantic context.

    Thanks again for posting!