Sunday, August 30, 2009

Logical Fallacies and the Health Care Debate

I'm tired of hearing that 60% or more of US bankruptcies are due to medical bills. In law school, one of the first things you cover are logical fallacies.

Basic logical equation:
Sam is a man. Men are mortal. Sam is mortal.

This does not mean:
There is a man named Sam. All men have names. All men are named Sam.

What is another reason why people with high medical bills declare bankruptcy? How about THEY'RE SICK AND CAN'T WORK??? That's why these bankruptcies happen. Don't let people shove this idea down your throat. I am incredibly bothered by the inability of the proponents of this system to debate government sponsored (or run) health care on the merits. The reason it is expensive is due to ridiculous malpractice insurance and Congress-sponsored pharm patents. NOT because we allow private business to run our health care.


  1. Here's a novel notion: We have bad health care in the US because of Doctors. Yes, the Doctors are inadquately skilled, or too rushed, or too focused on how they're paid (most paid by jamming too many patients into waiting rooms).

    Come on people. They are not gods, they're highly fallible humans, and they're wrecking our health with pills to placate symptoms rather than intelligent diagnoses.

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