Thursday, August 20, 2009

Really? I Mean...REALLY?

I submitted a Letter to the Baltimore Sun today. I was furious and the letter flew off my fingers in about 10 minutes:

I’ve submitted many letters to the Baltimore Sun in the past, but this is the first occasion in which I write out of disgust. To suggest that those exercising vocal opposition to federally run health care somehow brought on a racially motivated attack on a 76 year old man by a self-described white supremacist (“Hate Rise?”, 9/20/09) goes beyond the pale. The non sequitors in this article alone could make one laugh had the ideas behind the writing not been so offensive. I do not understand the aversion to debate that propigates itself by demonizing town hall speakers and protestors. President George Bush was burned in effigy, his policies were equated to those of the Nazis, and there was strong disagreement with those actions taken by his administration. Yet despite the ongoing and ever-available violence in this city, the Sun never saw fit to connect those protestors to the crimes of a small minded psychotic. I’d suggest that this paper return to the black and white of issues, and cut down on the blue.

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