Thursday, August 6, 2009

Temptation of Power

Anyone who has ever been in a leadership position knows that it is tempting to give yourself more power. Where certain functions of an organization may have operated outside of your control or oversight before, you may want to get your hands on it. Oftentimes this is the wrong choice and can upset the equilibriums that had made the organization successful in the first place.

Exhibit A


  1. Where's the connection between power grabbing and progressives loosening support for Obama? Also, the article doesn't provide a single detail on how he knows that the progressives are leaving and not the Independents or newly D.

    Regarding power, I've had leadership positions at work, home, in hobbies, and in the civic arenas and to this day cannot understand what I see people doing to grab more power. The activists are as guilty as the politicians they profess to police regarding abandoning ideals in theiverous action to build personal power. I run from power and at work seek to lighten power that is thrust upon me unrequested.

    And when people who seek power get power the abuse begins. Power abuse is no different than child abuse, every bit as degenerate and perverted. Just look at judges, no one polices them. The press, activists, no one wants to say anything about a judge, least of all the attys who know more than the rest of us but who's livelihood depends on the benevolence of judges.

    There are people who are oblivious to the temptation of power. We have two of them maybe running for office in our county, Anthony Jordan and hopefully Alan Klein. Someone said that we may no longer need campaign money to win elections because of the technology available to reach people. A campaign on equal footing irrespective of dollars paid for future favors couldn't arrive too soon.

  2. One more observation. People who seek power along with super alphas don't imagine that others are not like them, the possibility completely escapes them. These super alphas do not know there is any other way to be and see the world through the lens of others wanting power and the alpha position.

    The remainder of us are watching you all (yes, blog host, cat is out of the bag on this one) and scratching our heads in amazement.

    If you were all good hearted this power thing would not be bad. I would be happy if someone else would make all decisions. Unfortunately, wanting power and having intelligence to get power does not equate to goodness. (though in your case, my opinion is that you are one of the good guys).

  3. I appreciate the "good guy" label Anon, but I promise you that the most recent power-grab super-alpha activity I've engaged in is trying to get the remote control from my wife.