Friday, August 28, 2009

They're Just LIke Us

(Whew, that was a tough week. I love my new job, but it is a lot of work and not a lot of blog time. I'm trying to work out a new schedule to keep the posts current, so please work with me. )

Up front, I am fine that Howard County has spent itself out of the ability to build new developments. I grew up in this county and can remember about 20 some years ago when 32 was first being built and Clarksville had little more than a Pizza Hut and a Mom & Pop video rental place. My position stated, I find it disconcerting that our government has purchased expense luxury programs at the expense of making mortgage payments. The news from today is symptomatic of why I am against liberal government. There are some essential elements of local government, the most important of which is to maintain the government offices that allow commerce to proceed. These offices allow our businesses and employers to continue business. They are much more important than "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors" (if anyone was outside last night between midnight and four, I have to break out some Samuel L. on you and say "they deserve to die..."). These "course of business" offices are more important than Health "Don't-eat-fast-food" Howard too. What is unfortunate is that these run of the mill offices are not stepping stones for our officials. They don't get you to Park Place.

So I'll say it again...Kick Them Out.

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  1. That stoppage was a power ploy to wrest control from the state to the locals who enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with land developers -- sort of like prostitutes enjoy a beneficial relationship.

    Welp. My notice arrived Friday. My credit card company is providing "new services" wherein all purchases will accrue interest at the moment of purchase rather than the moment the bill is issued an unpaid. Since I pay my bill off each month, it's served as a very useful and free bookkeeping tool.

    The card company was quick to add that these "services" are optional, as I can close my account to opt out. Interesting use of both language and logic.

    Lastly, the non-optional part is that everyone will be charged the same percentage rate, 23.99%. Excuse me?

    Hello Debit Card.