Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed

The Baltimore Sun has a great editorial in their Sunday edition (yes I still get the paper version) that speaks to a good deal of the "concerns" from this blog. Basically "Republicans, if you think you're so great and set for a 2010 renaissance, lets hear your ideas." The GOP is in the position to be the party of "reality" with "real" candidates who care more about what the people think than what they think is good for the people. They are wasting it with juvenile propaganda and mud slinging. Outside of the local elections, I haven't seen much that makes me excited about national elections.

It helps me to see that other people are as frustrated as I am. I'm not even saying we need Republicans to win, but I don't know if we want to further the expansive-minded government policies that seem to be the practice of the Dems. Yes, Republicans have this in them as well, but at least with the GOP they are hypocrites and not fulfilling planks of their party.

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  1. The R party somewhat successfully escaped the hijacking by evangelicals only to be scooped up by the original hijacker, TBTF businesses (too big to fail). Lots of voters are anti tbtf business as well as anti union, so it's fairly balanced except that the businesses are taking our tax dollars and wasting our hard earned money. This will not sit well in 2010, so when candidates express genuine conservative values, they'll get the attention of voters.