Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Never Benefitted from Michael Moore

If you believe that, then you'll probably believe this:

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  1. I can't wait to read your review of the movie. Hopefully a liberal person will contribute a review here as well.

    1)Capitalism eclipsed Democracy when the old law passed allowing corps to donate to political campaigns.

    2)Capitalism is the way to go where producing pencils is concerned. More competition in primary and secondary education would produce better schools. Parents should have to pay for school regardless of where they choose to send kids. There's not much demand for bad schools, they need to go away.

    3)Capitalism does not belong in areas where competition generates low quality cheap but results for vital products/services combined with high initial capital outlay required. I'd like to say energy, but that has not worked well because our regulatory panels are in bed with the energy execs. I'd like to say health care but the medical industry needs more competition, not less. I'd like to revisit education, but clearly they need competition.

    Look at the three industries that have the lowest participation in technology and systematic information storage and retrieval: Medical industry, Education industry, Legal industry, probably in that order.

    These industries must be lacking in some aspect of capitalism or they would more likely have become efficient by now.

    But capitalism in the political industry has been devastating for our country.