Monday, October 26, 2009

Developing the Blog

I'm going to be looking into working the blog into something a little more. I promise not to "burn out," but I really think we need to get some more readers in order to develop additional dialogue. I truly appreciate all of the comments left by Anonymous (and some of the rest of you when you are so inclined), but I am a man of discourse, and although I could talk to Anonymous all day, I think he (presumptive) and I would much rather talk to 4 or 5 or 10 people.

So here's what I'm looking into. First, I would like to do a weekly podcast. I think all I'll need is a microphone to hook to my computer. Second, I'm going to go try and get word out about the blog by posting on some other blogs to see if I can attract some attention.

So wish me luck. I don't know when the podcast will start, but I'm hoping in the next two weeks. Otherwise, there are these buttons at the bottom of every post that were incredibly difficult to code into blogger. One of them allows you to post blog posts onto Facebook. If you see something you like, post it.


  1. Great idea. Need more commenters and readers of this genuinely conservative blog - the only one like it that I see. Other blogs are cheer leaders for the *party* (rings of communists past). Here, the issues are discussed instead of personalities.

    More suggestions: If you obtain some news, provide it to Patuxent's Editor, they'll give you credit and they are by far the most read local paper. The Patuxent web site does well, too, so relevance to something being discussed compared with one of your posts can be linked right in the comments on their site.

    Also, remember google's page ranking. It's a complex formula of many functions including links to your site (the more who link to you, the higher the page ranking), and use of key words. There's a good book on the topic, forget the author but look into the page ranking - it'll become important next year. Check to be sure you've registered with google for higher page ranking.

    Regarding advertising, unfortunately it doesn't work. It can be relatively inexpensive but it's just not effective unless you've got a million to spend like political candidates do. Inundation is what is required, people are busy and not terribly engaged in local politics, though that is where votes count the most,ie,. are more weighty.

    My 184 facebook friends are out of the county, so that doesn't always help. I think social media is way over rated. People do want interaction whether a blog or an interactive site, but lots of folks don't want to be bothered with invitations from social media 'friends'. Yuck. Maybe social media will pick up for local politics next year, but I don't really want to know how my ideologies differ from my friend's, it kinda bursts a bubble and can change a carefree relationship into a nonexistent one.

  2. I truly appreciate your support and suggestions. Thank you Anonymous.