Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two More Candidates

There are two additional candidates I left out of my earlier list. This was not in any way intentional and does not reflect any feelings I may have about the candidates.

Jeff Robinson, Delegate District 13. This is another hard working campaign with a lot of good people volunteering on staff. He has had multiple events and seems to be snowballing supporters. He's going up against some fairly established names in the county (Guzzone, Pendergrass), but he is a legitimate challenger. If you go to his site, be sure to check out the "About Jeff" page. He's certainly had an interesting life.

Kyle Lorton, State Senate District 13. This is a candidate that is getting a reputation for introducing himself as "Do you live in my district?" He is running against former County Exec James Robey, which should be quite a challenge. I can't say much either way on Kyle other than the fact that he makes it out to most of the Howard County GOP events. It will be interesting to see how he communicates himself to voters going forward. A preliminary tip would be to turn on the lights next time he films a campaign video clip.

I promise to take a much more critical eye as these campaigns move forward, but it is unfair to criticize/promote before these candidates have the opportunity to establish themselves.

Update: I can't make heads or tails of Kyle's blog either. I think he may be the definition of a "dark horse" in every meaning of the term.

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  1. Robinson gets points for his use of the word ineptitude, and talking about *small business and individuals. Lorton gets zapped for his focus on the investor class -- sorry guy, after what the financial markets have done of late, we regular folks have no sympathy.