Monday, December 7, 2009

Traffic Issues with Columbia Redevelopment

Try to go to the Columbia Mall this weekend. I dare you. While mushing through the nearly stopped traffic, think about what it will be like when thousands of new Columbia residents are injected into the community. The Howard County Times has an article on a recent Council meeting where they discussed these issues, including a new interchange on the already jammed Route 29.

I still feel like the glitz and glammer of the new development is being put in front of the logistics. I remember when I played Sim City as a young kid. In order to keep the people from rioting, you had to build the infrastructure BEFORE you built the big projects. Otherwise you lost money and crime went through the roof. I'm not saying that this is like a video game, but I hope at least one of these council-members has played it. Otherwise we are in trouble.

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  1. you're making sense, rising. the future in for someone in this county who makes sense doesn't look good. try to be more idiotic.