Monday, December 14, 2009

Whole Foods Wants Your Vote

The WSJ has an interesting op/ed on "Whole Food Republicans" that really nailed my own ideology when it comes to Republican thinking. For fear of calling myself an "intellectual," I do believe that Republicans can be the "smart people" party. There is a lot that can be said for how government should work in conjunction with the private sphere, as opposed to a replacement of the same. I feel that this is a much more mature position than "The private sphere can't do it, so lets have the government save the day" as if there is some track record indicating that the government could do so if it was so inclined.

I find it interesting that the author is affiliated with Whole Foods and titled his article "Whole Foods Republicans." Did George Washington warn us about the partisanal-industrial complex? Ha ha.

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  1. This article is stellar, but it isn't an issue exclusive to Republicans. Feel free to object, but I'd say a majority of young, educated voters have a different vision for their party, be it red or blue, but end up resigning themselves to one of the two major parties (maybe because Independent too often appears indifferent). Today, you hear more about relatively Conservative Democrats and Liberal Republicans any time you have an open political discussion. Really good article, but I will take issue with anyone claiming that their party is the 'smart people' party...