Sunday, January 24, 2010

AJ Interview

Any of you that have been to Anthony's blog know that he is open to answering any comments/concerns you may have. I'm not sure if that allows anonymity, which I know is a treasured commodity. I would like to have an interview with Anthony on this site, but due to my involvement with the campaign, it is hard to post anything but "party line" if I come up with the questions. So I would really appreciate it if the readers would post your own questions (hopefully some hardball ones) that I could send to Anthony and have him send back responses.

I STILL have my podcast equipment, and I spent good money on it too. Tale of Two Cities is a much more advanced operation, and they've got their podcast in full swing, but I think there is something I can add on that front. If we get enough questions, maybe we can make the whole thing live so you can hear the candidate in his own word.

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  1. I wouldn't watch that tale of two cities video if it were the last political clip on Mother Earth. They might as well be on the campaign payroll! Before they removed hit numbers, the gushing MK Sigaty pattycake interview had 16 viewers.

    Reality check: 98% or so of voters don't keep up with local politics. That leaves approx 160 of us who do. Blog hit numbers are what they are, but it's the same 160 logging on and our votes and voices aren't going to impact squat.

    Have a small gathering of those who are interested in the anti-incumbent campaign so that we can pool resources and exchange personal contact info and plans for unseating the gaggle of buffoonery that's been rubber stamping every elitist proposal gluttons can spew forth.

    There may be an AFP meeting at Miller tonight. Anyone going?