Monday, January 11, 2010

Development Positions

Larry Carson had a piece in Saturday's Sun on the various positions taken by Howard County candidates on Columbia redevelopment. This is clearly not a party line issue and cuts both ways. I take issue with Larry's characterization of "long shot" races, but I think we are to assume that his "Political Notebook" pieces are "news analysis" and not "reporting."

A "third way" (to use President Clinton's term) is bubbling up which is "We are not against a redevelopment plan, just this plan." I think that makes sense. Columbia does need to have some commercial regrowth in areas that have faltered, but we don't need to spur that on in the midst of further augmentation of an already well developed city-scape.


  1. Reporter's characterizations are very problematic for democracy. They act like we HAVE to vote republican or democrat. They ridicule third party public servants, and taxpayers have no access to the truth, ending up with too big to fails and bailouts.

  2. Wow, bluest of blue shades Mass. is polling strong for a non-D. Other races in many locations are following suit. The pundits are wrong, the arrogant incumbents are wrong, the game-playing appointees are asleep. But polling is getting to the truth. It's going to be an interesting year.

    Underestimate anti-incumbent sentiment at your peril