Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Bet Deciding On Furloughs Was Easier

From the "I can't believe my own eyes" department, comes this story that the members of the County Council are divided over a $500 raise to their annual salary of $53,400. Courtney Watson and Greg Fox have come out against the raises. Showing a trend, Councilman Ball is "not sure" about how he will vote:

Ball initially called the proposal reasonable, but said this week he is not sure whether he will vote for the pay raise legislation.

Jennifer Terrasa is also on the fence.Well please allow me to sway you:

Howard's nearly 2,000 workers received no cost-of-living pay raise this year and lost four days of pay between Christmas and New Year's Day, while department heads and elected officials gave up five days of pay to save a total of about $1.8 million.

If these raises are accepted, we deserve some explanation as to why 2,000 full-time employees didn't deserve a raise, but five part-timers did. I know its a hard job, and it doesn't "feel" like a part time job, but if you don't think you're being paid enough, there are those gearing up campaigns right now that would love to try to "make it work."

Frankly, this is shameful. My wife, until about 6 months ago, worked for the University of Maryland school system. I know what it is like to figure out how to budget for these furloughs when you rely on a steady income. I was incensed that I had to budget, when those that had been elected had failed to account for hard times. I am furious that county workers are going to have to make those same decisions when the people that write and vote on our budget are "not sure" about whether they will give themselves raises.

Go ahead and call me a party hack or "ultra-pro-Anthony Jordan," but please also explain why this makes sense.


  1. You are speaking my language!!! I 100% agree, and Ball has backpedalled hugely.

    HE NEEDS TO GO. They all need to go, and that includes Fox who misses 35% of meetings and shows up late for the rest. He votes in tandem with everyone else until it comes to some insignificant point-winner and then quacks about like a rooster, throwing voters a kernel of corn and then voting for a massive Columbia 15,000 additional people who FOX's DISTRICT WILL PAY FOR!!!!!


  2. I am also incensed. A lot of bait and switch jockeying will hoodwink an awful lot of voters.

    We need to organize and get them out.

  3. There is no way I would have the audacity to look a Howard County worker in the face and say my salary is more important than yours. How is this even an issue for the council? The county has furloughed and laid off county employees, and too vote for a raise in favor of yourself is irresponsible and unjustifiable.
    Government is about responsibility, not power.It is not responsible to vote in a way to benefit oneself, while hurting the people you represent.

    Anthony Jordan

  4. Imagine how much money could have been saved, furloughs avoided, and raises given if millions weren't wasted on silly healthcare handouts used only to get Ulman and Bielenson in the newspaper a few times. That is alot to pay for a little ink.

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  6. Thank for the comment Trevor. We also would have saved about $100K by forgoing the opportunity to be the first municipality with an "Anti-Lightning" campaign.