Thursday, January 7, 2010

Offshoot Inside Out Site

I've started it. It took me months to figure out how to get this blog started, so you patience is appreciated. Please spread the word.


  1. Bumper sticker suggestions:

    ABI (Anyone But Incumbents)

    Vote like it's April 15

  2. I couldn't get this to post on your new site:

    Potential additions to what we'd want from electeds:

    Electeds are not above the law. Penalties should be more harsh, not less for lawbreaking like the recent Dixon item in Balt city.

    Their healthcare insurance, as it's paid by taxpayers, will be no more extravagant than the middle road health plan.

    Their holidays and vacations will be no more extravagant than the average small business.

    Their expense accounts will be audited and posted annually on websites.

    There will be a database search for votes, sorting and filtering as users prefer, not as the electeds prefer the votes to be convoluted.

  3. Thanks Anonymous. I've posted your suggestions.

  4. Do the voting ballots show who is the incumbent? How will we communicate on election night?

  5. Other district's elections at the state level profoundly affect Howard.

    Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, president of the MD senate has been the driving force behind powerful incumbencies, powerful anti-citizen movements, and just power abuse in general. He controls the committee heads, guys. Know that. If he doesn't want the Howard Standing Bill to get out of committe, it will die before seeing the light of day.

    Ron Miller is running against him in Distr 27 (pg and calvert co). In 2006 Ron garnered 30% of the vote but this could be a different sort of year if the press gets off their butts and starts reporting actual news and events and records to readers.

  6. Hoyer has the 2nd worst campaign funding record in the nation. Now he has a challenger, and he's also in PG, Calvert etal counties.

    Man, someone go down there and shake those people.