Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Politics As Usual Attacking Politics As Usual

You may remember a political hub bub in approximately 2004 over the firing of political at will employees by the Ehrlich Administration. In 2005, our Maryland legislature hired a special hiring and firing committee to investigate these personnel practices as potentially "illegal." Well approximately $350,000 to $1 million later, they've found nada, zip, zilch, zero to throw at Gov. Ehrlich's administration. As we've seen with the Dixon trials, it doesn't take much for them to look into bringing charges or drafting an official censure.

Interestingly enough, this committee ended up bringing things to like that the Democrats would probably have left unturned. Namely, the Ehrlich administration hired or kept more of the opposing party than any administration before or since.

Political at will appointments are always political, hence the title. They can be equated with the First Family's china: one set gets taken out and stored somewhere while another gets put in place. Normally these appointees have private practice employment that they will go in and out of as the political winds shift. This is a universal practice and I don't find anything particularly wrong with it since many of these appointees are specifically in place to exercise the will of the executive. It is like a football coach having to keep the coordinators of the previous regime, which (as we've seen with the Washington Redskins) does not work.

What is disturbing is that the Maryland Dems seem to be suggesting two sets of rules: one that go for the blue, and another for the red. They are using the scythe of state power to do so. That is scary stuff folks.


  1. Whoa, Sheila resigned.

  2. I saw that. Looks like she'll get to keep her pension. I plan to do a post on it tonight or tomorrow morning. Basically Probation Before Judgment means there is no Judgment, which means there is no conviction, which means she doesn't have to forfeit her pension. Congrats Baltimore. You have a thief on payroll.