Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scott Brown Knows How to Run

Great op/ed on Scott Brown's race and his apparent rejection of ideology driven campaign speech. As you may know, Brown had a 3 to 1 advantage with independents. His opinions were based on his consideration of the issues and his independent conclusions. He rejected party planks in favor of people planks. This is what made him win.


  1. I believe Terrasa's district may be heavily Indep and more West countiers are coming up D and I but still mostly R.

    In our county:

    A good Dem challenger for MK Sigaty's district would be Alan Klein. He is very liberal, honest, forthcoming with his intentions and fair in weighing facts. He's thorough, and I really believe he'd win if he runs.

    Anthony is a great option for Ball's district.

    Watson is going to get a run for the money against Flanagan, but it's hard to say who is the more eggregious insider in that race. Not good options for that district.

    It is a genuine shame that Fox will likely have no challenger. People in the West have the Rt. 32 issue, Daisy car lot issues, historic building issues and farmers have generally been dismissed out of hand until this, the election year. Bait and switch folks, don't fall for it.

    That leaves Terrasa. Someone said she had a challenger but no name was provided. She hid her MACO vote, and worked for this lobby group against citizen interest.

    They all need to go.

  2. Calvin Ball's fundraiser contributors (he refused to release the names when asked, but is now required by law):

    Revellopment Inc
    Fisher Collins & Carter
    The Iron Bridge Wine Co
    FAL Properties LLC
    100% Land Inc
    Land Design & Development Inc
    Ellicott Square LLC
    RP LLC
    Howard Water & Sewer LLC
    The Sanford Companies
    EC Holdings LLC
    Duane Morris LLP Government Committee State & Local Fund
    Whalen Properties
    Jamin Development LLC
    Knott Mechanical Inc.
    Surprise Valley Partners LLC
    Academy Crossing Ltd Partnership
    1349 Jackson Street, LLC

    Note that LLCs are often shell organizations to mask contributor names from the public.

  3. Ball's fundraiser included Mangione (turf valley developer who hid carcinogenic contamination from well water community) and Ron Schimel of PELU fame, vociferous anti-citizen Chamber insider.

    Make no mistake, our Chamber is not pro business - they're pro developer to the exclusion of everyone else.

  4. Terrasa's possible challenger is Dennis Schrader.

  5. Great comments today. Really great stuff.