Monday, January 25, 2010

Staring Into The Sun

I've often been curious how so many wily politicians are following down a political path that will reap very few short term political gains and quite certainly will cost most officials their...yuck..."careers." It appears that they are all still intoxicated on the crowds and cheers that Candidate Obama was able to generate. He's telling them "Don't be scared. Although you walk through the valley of tea parties, thou shalt not fear..cuz hey, ya got me."

One of the best things I learned in high school was the principle of hubris. Pride before the fall. It is constant and it is true. Arrogance is always a fatal flaw in leaders and greek protagonists alike. Local politicians (and challengers) would do well to know humility. Take inner pride, shun external praise. Be serious, but don't take yourself too seriously. Listen, and talk only to encourage others to speak. Be solid, but not immovable. Don't ever think that you are bigger than the people.


  1. Are you sure you can't run for office? You'd win.

    Aside: That high school hubris sounds like a personal lesson ;)

  2. Ha ha. You are spot on Anonymous. Personal lesson reinforced by personal experience.

    I appreciate the support as always, and public office has always been something I've been interested in. For right now, I am enjoying the opportunity to help an enthused candidate in Anthony, and learning about the practical issues that go along with running for office.

  3. ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Common Cause Maryland executive director Ryan O'Donnell will join
    Senators Brian Frosh and Jamie Raskin at a press conference on Wednesday to unveil a
    major package of legislative responses to the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens
    United vs. FEC.

    When: Wednesday, January 27th after the conclusion of the General Assembly's morning
    session (around 10:45 am)

    Where: Lawyer's Mall in front of the State House in Annapolis

    Who: Senator Brian Frosh, Senator Jamie Raskin, Common Cause Maryland executive
    director Ryan O'Donnell, Fielding Huseth of Maryland PIRG