Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union

Overall, I think the President gave a good speech, but that's all it was. We get it, jobs are important. Now the real question is, do YOU get it? You've been in office for a year and the primary focus has been apologizing to Europe and health care. You just gave a speech about American exceptionalism and jobs. What are we supposed to take from that?

Green jobs are important, but I feel like he's talking about computer jobs in the middle of the '90s. The innovation is already going on, and many of the jobs are already filled. The guy who just got laid off as a roofer is not going to be rehired as a solar panel installer. Small businesses are critical, but small business owners are some of those evil evil people making over $250,000 that you want to tax the bejesus out of. Making an enemy out of Wall Street is going to keep people from using the otherwise reliable savings vehicles that are needed to provide for our citizens heading into retirement.

If this speech was deconstructed, I think we would see that Obama has attacked the shaky pillars of our country in order to put the reliance back on him. "Don't trust the market to save you, trust me." As I said during the live-blog, "Why is the government in charge of creating jobs?" This was an ego trip, that may work for the President short term, but will have its legacy hung around his neck for years to come. "Where's my job, Mr. President? You told me that you would be getting me a job." It's just not possible, and to the extent it is, it is unsustainable.

I enjoyed the live blog and have some good ideas for how to use it more effectively in the future. Anthony Jordan has already volunteered to participate in a live "chat" of sorts, and I think we can broaden that to a whole candidate panel. ALL CANDIDATES ARE WELCOME. Just get in touch with me at We'll try to set something up in the next couple weeks.

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  1. An unregulated Wall St. is my enemy. They will suck the life out of taxpayers for a spa junket and never feel remorse at people struggling to pay for a roof over their heads.

    The enemy is elitists who are running things, and that includes Wall Streeters who buy elections.