Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Guys Are Great (Link Dump)

I love my readers. I really do. Not only do you read and comment, but you also mention this blog on other posts so that we can broaden the discussion, and possibly bring on more people that may disagree with me. This is the best way to enrich the ideas and civic possibilities of a blog like this. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please keep it up. I know I have been lax this past week with work keeping me down, but I will continue to post whenever possible.

After being called "ultra-pro Anthony Jordan" (which would be my super-hero name, of course) I am hesitant to post this, but it is part of the little first person news I have. I attended one of Anthony's new Happy Hours, which he is holding at independently owned restaurants in District 2. This past week, he held it at Second Chance Saloon. It was well attended and Anthony was able to talk to a lot of independent voters, which will be the key to making his campaign work. Unfortunately it is hard to get in touch with "independent groups" in order to get word out about these events, but the effort is continuing.

There is a separate "sprawl" issue on the council's docket that is not getting as much press. The site at issue would appear on the map to be in the middle of nowhere, but as someone who lives near there, it's not. I need to educate myself more on this plan before commenting, but I wonder what the readers think. Opponents seem to have a stronger say in this plan than the Columbia redev. One thing is true, powerful families seeking rezoning appears to be as constant as death and taxes.

More about that Baltimore city sex offender on payroll. How can you NOT be anti-incumbent when you see the great things that bad government can do?

Interesting discussion about the Supreme Court's most recent decision on financial contributions to political campaigns. My view is that the wealthy will influence elections no matter what loop holes they need to step through. I've reviewed some fundraising numbers for our county council, and without naming names, it is "funny" how developers, their wives, their employees, and their employee's wives, all seem to max our their individual contributions. But hey, its free speech. I think the real revolution in this area will be when we can use new media to get around the money. I thought Obama may have been able to prove this, with his promise to use public financing. That...well...that didn't work out so well.

Evidently the Democrats can still save us and the Republicans are still in a dead party. That's reassuring. However I feel it is more likely that commentators are blinded by party labels and can't see that if you've got a company full of incompetent employees, a good way to fix the problem is to "kick the bums out." But no, we just need to convince them that they are the saviors of..the problems that they caused.

Anyway, thank you again, and keep up the good work.


  1. Incumbents have had every opportunity to be of public service, and in true spineless form they choose to represent regular citizens ONLY when reelection is threatened.

    Out with all of them. Voting locally will be easier than it's ever been - find the incumbent and vote otherwise.

    However, John Bailey's positions in Columbia are not representative of his constituency. He's throwing a hardball at the incumbent because of her intense popularity. That is not a recipe for success.

    We want more representation, John, not LESS!!

  2. Formula for blog success:

    1) Post often (cardinal rule)
    2) Add your blog to the 'round up sites' like MD BlogNetNews
    3) Research google page ranking - makes a surprising difference and there are things you can do to increase your page ranking on google searches
    4) Make it exceptionally easy to comment. This site currently requires 3-4 steps, not sure why. Readers like comments, often more than the blog host post.
    5) Post newsworthy items and notify Patuxent and the Sun - they'll give you credit.

    Your posts are great, just need more of them.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I will try to incorporate them and get more posts up. I've heard the dangers of bringing on additional writers from The Hedgehog, so I will have to do what I can to post when I can.