Monday, February 1, 2010

And This is What I'm Talking About

My fundraising run-down was given mention in the Tales of Two Cities blog and I thought I would give a quick response. Those numbers were not pretty for challenger candidates. I don't think Larry Carson should be characterizing the numbers that clearly speak for themselves. (Unless he wants to start a blog, at which time he can use all the adjectives he wants). Not every challenger can be bankrolled by wealthy families in other countries. I don't think candidates should be dismissed in light of these early numbers, especially when there is a great deal of discord in the electorate.

So to sum it up, Wordbones, I am hopeful because I think these incumbent council-members can be out-worked. I think the fundraising numbers are going to improve and the electorate is going to start checking out the political new-comers. I may be wrong, but it would be a shame if this election is decided by money alone. A true an unmitigated shame.


  1. "decided by money" is a euphemism for 'bought and paid for like the oldest profession'.

    Our elections are supposed to be decided by VOTERS who are appropriately registered.

  2. HCR,

    I too am hopeful and maybe even a little naive. I honestly believe that money and resources will always flow to good candidates, but not so much to mediocre candidates.

    I've come to accept the fact that money is part of politics. I've never been too keen on the alternatives such as public financing. In all my years in Howard County politics I've never seen an instance where money bought preferential treatment or special privileges from elected officials.


  3. (Love the pic. I've got a black lab myself.)

    I have a hard time believing that last paragraph. Why do businesses that are concerned with the bottom line continue to contribute if they can not "buy" preferential treatment? Are these people without any business sense, or is it just a perceived "purchase" when in fact our officials are just too ethical to allow that influence to occur?

    Like I said, I really do think things are just starting to heat up. Challengers always face an up-hill battle, mostly because they have to learn on the job and figure out where the funding will come from. There is also the catch 22 of needing your name to be "out there" before you can raise money, but needing to raise money in order to be "out there." That's why when you said Anthony Jordan is "my candidate" I would respond that I would be more than happy to help ANY challenger (or incumbent)get their name out via this forum as long as they were willing to be accessible to my readers. Isn't that one of the ideals of blogging? Taking back the gate-keeper function of the press?

  4. HCR,

    When I wrote that Anthony Jordan was your candidate I was merely reflecting your acknowledged involvement in his campaign and the fact that you've described yourself as "Ultra-pro-Anthony-Jordan."

    I do believe blogs such as yours and mine provide much needed forums for local politics. That can only be a good thing for our democracy. I am always saddened when someone can easily name the president but is hard pressed to name their county councilperson. Truth be told that county councilperson has more of an effect on our daily lives than the president or even senator or congressman for that matter.

    Blog on blogging brother. It's great to have you around.


  5. Thanks WB! I truly appreciate the support.