Saturday, February 27, 2010

County Council District 4 -- Again

Color me confused. According to a link on the Howard County Central Committee website, Jeffrey Underwood has thrown his hat in for District 4 County Council. I've never met Jeff, and can't find so much as a candidate web presence. I was able to find Mr. Underwood's business website...a brokerage for "fine homes and fine firearms." I also found a decision and order for Mr. Underwood's petition for a zoning variance. (I guess he's with me on the whole "Better to ask forgiveness than permission" deal.)

The grand reveal on who the other challenger may be is in the comment section for the District 4 post below. Does this mean that we will get a primary? Let's go ahead and make the hill steeper, why don't we?


  1. Jeff Underwood actually ran four years ago as a Democrat against Mary Kay and Josh Feldmark and switched parties to run this time around. He has attended previous Central Committee meetings to announce he was running.

  2. Fine firearms. There's a winning message in District 4. As a Republican, when are we going to get the message that people want to talk about jobs, the economy and taxes. Our traditional issues are nukber one in people's minds and we still want to talk about guns, immigration, abortion, gay marriage....... Wasted opportunity.

  3. I think a county candidate that wants to talk about guns, immigration, abortion, and gay marriage is going to find his political life to be "nasty, brutish, and short."

  4. Jeff Underwood is a patriot, award winning professional and consultant to the legal community. His 35 year professional record is beyond compare, his peers seek his advice and admire his long term commitment to consumer protection. Please Jeff run for public office anytime your wisdom can only help.

  5. Jeff favors evicting all Illegal Invaders form our state. What would you do if an invader broke into your home? Would you give them a seat at your dinner table?

    Jeff loves legal immigrants his family did just that - immigrated LEGALLY to escape the Nazi invasion some members made others spent years in forced labor camps.

    Jeff is a patriot that fights for legal citizens jobs, homes and community living.

    Jeff is also a string advocate of gay rights he has scores of gay friends and clients and has advocated for them for 35 years.

    Vote Jeff anytime. Go Jeff

  6. For 30 years Jeff was JFK Democrat. In the last 10 years he's seen his beloved party being usurped by the entitlement class union thugs. In 2010 Jeff changed his affiliation to reflect his Libertarian/Conservative values.

    Go Jeff, you da man!

  7. Jeff Underwood fought the law and HE won! For four years the Ho Co Gov. persecuted his family over a fence - complained about by an anonymous chump.

    Jeff explained tot he county how they could make an administrative adjustment to correct their zoning flaw - they refused and chose to prosecute.

    Jeff fought and after the county wasted $20,000+ taxpayer dollars he won and won the respect of the county, the county executive and county council.

    After Jeff's VICTORY the county changed the law.

    If you want need expert zoning variance advice contact Jeff Anytime. :-) Jeff is on OUR side.