Friday, February 26, 2010

County Council District 4 Challenger (Coming Soon)

Looks like Mary-Kay will have more to worry about than how you equate the cost of sprinklers to the cost of a human life. (Easy, as long as you remember to carry the one). I've heard that there is a veteran challenger looking to shake the dust off his door-knocking boots (don't read the last three words too fast, this is a family blog). I am not at liberty to say who this may be, but since I live in the District, I am excited that we will get a council race just like just about every other district (except District 5, I guess)

Even MORE importantly, maybe this will get Mary-Kay back to her door-knocking ways and I will be able to ask her about county mandated elevators, lawn-care, personal chefs...and the like, in furtherance of her efforts to equate expenditures of others to life-saving mandates. (Note that property taxes are unaffected by whether you have a sprinkler system...they didn't care THAT much.)

As soon as this is made official, I'll pass the word.


  1. which party affiliation, do tell?

  2. What the heck - no way that will work.

  3. Please do tell. A "veteran" shaking the dust of "his" boots? Well, from that I can gather that it is a male who has run for district 4 before. That eliminates Joan Lancos, who ran against Ulman in 02. A more likely candidate would be Tom D'Asto, who ran against Sigaty in 2006.

    Got any details?

  4. Glad you were picking up what I was laying down there, Trevor. A few things to know about Tom:
    1) He is well liked in GOP circles.
    2) He is known to have knocked on some 10,000 doors during his previous campaign.
    3) You will be hard pressed to find a candidate who produced more campaign materials with less money than Tom.

    Tom is entitled to announce his campaign in his own time, and for all I know he may be gearing up to run for county clerk. All I know is that he is absolutely going to be running for AN office, and it looks likely to be County Council.

  5. Tom has a great number of people who are ready and willing to get to work on his campaign. We are just waiting for the thumbs-up!

  6. Nice. Let me know when it's official. Good luck!

  7. This promises to be an exciting local elections year.

    Now, fellow voters who prioritize good representation over political party, who are patriots above partisans, who do not see elections as sports games, where can we get a candidate to replace Greg Fox?