Friday, February 5, 2010

The Dawn of Big Kahuna (Link Dump)

Let's see what this storm has for us. I've heard anywhere from 10 to 50 inches. One of my friends is referring to the storm as the "Snowpacolypse," but I (obviously) like the Big Kahuna better. How 'bout we start off the weekend with some snow-day reading? Shall we? Let's.

Any student of politics needs to be fascinated by the tea-party/GOP dynamic. Tea partiers are most likely all registered Republicans, but that doesn't seem to be where their heart is right now. It seems they are "mad as hell, and they're not going to take it any longer." That is the only thing I can lock down on describing this group. I would suggest that any politicians looking to "tap into" this energy do so in the same way one taps their first keg. You ARE going to get beer on your face, the only question is whether you get enough that you have to go home to change. (Note: I like the writing in the New Yorker, and acknowledge that it is an incredibly biased journal, BUT this story seemed is loooong.

The Dems are not done slinging mud at Ehrlich. You guys can't wait until he steps into the ring at least? Are you listening to all the other radio stations to make sure the payola rules are following by the mortgage and personal finance shows? Give me a break.

Another disappointing story about how the undisciplined children and their litigious parents run the show. I am 100% against a teacher shoving a kid, BUT I am angry that this child that obviously does not know how to act in a classroom is now the victim. A 38 year old teacher that has been at this elementary school for seven years has had her career all but ruined because people can't work things out anymore. The parents should be ashamed.

Ron Smith agrees with me that O'Malley wrote one weird poem.

I think a Democrat stepped in Charles Krauthammer's lunch, because he is mad and is pulling no punches.

Las Vegas is one of the cities hit worst by the recession in the United States. Home values have gone down almost 50%! Yet our President keeps bopping them on the head like Little Bunny Foo Foo. Mr. President, you can say "Black-jack," "Poker," "Dice," "Cards," or whatever. Just leave Vegas alone, you great orator, you.

That's all for now. If you readers would do me a favor, could you just post "yes" if you would log in for a candidate forum this weekend. We have a "perfect storm" (intended) for getting candidates and readers to the same spot for some live blogging. However, I don't want to waste their time if there will only be two or three readers. I am pretty sure I can get Anthony Jordan and possibly John Bailey on board. I would hope to be able to pull in two or three other candidates, since there won't be much to do Saturday night. Let me know.


  1. HoCo Rising I would be grateful for a chance to respond to your readers. May I suggest that you contact other local blogers, and try to sync up on this event?

    Looking forward to the Q&A forum.

    Anthony Jordan
    Howard County Council Candidate

  2. Try also to contact Maryann Maher, Ed Priola, the D running in Bates/Miller district.