Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Firemen Don't Save Lives, Council-Members Do

From the "Let's See What They Do Now" department, comes word that the Howard County Council will be passing a bill requiring sprinkler systems in all new homes. This requirement is already in existence for new townhouses. This will add, by the most conservative estimates, about $1.60 per square foot of every new house built. Hmm, what else uses that math? Oh, that's right, property taxes. This is a new tax on all new houses in order to force you to live in a safer house. As always, we the people can't be trusted to take care of ourselves.

Larry Carson seemed enamored by Mary-Kay Sigtay's response to the "cost" question (which governments tend not to care too much about anyway) in saying "How do you equate that to the cost of a human life?" Well while you're at it Mary-Kay, stairs are just plain dangerous. People go up and down stairs everyday! How can we let this stand? Let's require elevators in all new homes! And people are walking around with spinning blades all for the sake of having an attractive front yard! Just about every-weekend!!! We need to stop this! Professional lawn services for every household! And where are these fires coming from? Often the kitchen! Where people are cooking their own food! EVERY DAY! Professional chefs with fire-proof kitchens in every home!

Because honestly, how do we equate these costs to the value of a human life? Give me a break.


  1. Is this the way the county expects to make up for the $13 million shortfall? I am tired of the government forced lifstyle. Please voters, elect common sense representitives that will not tell us how to live.

  2. Exactly. So many people just don't get this. Every single one of us- at some cost- could make our home safer for ourselves. We could build our homes of concrete. We could have escape ladders. We could build single story homes and put in a window in every room. It should be up to each homeonwer to measure the risks vs. the benefits of these options, not the County Council.

  3. Well, I think pets should be outlawed to (or at least be caged like animals at the zoo). According to the CDC, 240 trips are taken each day due to people falling/tripping on their pet.


  4. And honestly, how do we equate the love and affection we receive from pets to the value of a human life? (Thanks Tim)

  5. Tim, thanks for the chuckle. Funny stuff!

    anon 7:30, agreed. Let's do that.