Sunday, February 14, 2010

Google It

I'm encouraging all of my readers to check out Wordbone's new initiative to bring Google's Broadband demonstration project to Howard County. This is beyond just the boom the local economy may receive from this project or the new jobs for the #1 best employer in the country. This is a citizen initiative with no politician trying to link his horse to the wagon. Said otherwise, politics won't get a chance to funk this up (I said "funk").

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  1. Since you're the nearest blogger to non-partisanship in the county, I'm posting this here:

    Wednesday, February 17

    5:30pm - Ralph Nader and Bruce Fein to speak about "The Decline and Fall of the Rule of Law: Corporate Control and the American Empire."
    Lecture, question and answer, book signing

    Gaston Hall
    Georgetown University Main Campus
    Washington, DC