Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great Coverage of the Vote

My biggest concern is that Columbia's new motto will be "We've Got a There There."

Shout out to HoCoMoJo and Dave Bittner for getting some great interviews. Looks like we found the council-person who is hanging their hat...er...scarf on this project. My own council-person Mary Kay Sigtay! Well Mary Kay, behind door number one is a lake-front statute of you feeding the pigeons. Door number two is just a door...don't let it hitcha.


  1. Thanks for the kind words! As much I as I enjoy taking all the credit, Ilana's the one who shot the council event and got the great interviews. I did the editing duties on this one. Thanks for the shout out the HoCoMoJo. We've got some exciting things planned for the site this year.

  2. Not a fan of the softball question video group. Can't bring myself to watch, I've watched 2 or 3 videos in the past and absolutely cringe at the patticake q & a. Detestable. We are saturated with media who idolize those they interview, do we really need another gushing and blushing interviewer out there?

    Hope someone can watch and one day report that a difficult question was asked and some real information was added to the airwaves. Until then, sorry.