Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here it Comes

As you surely know by now, the Council unanimously passed the redevelopment bills last night. We've discussed the development here ad naseum, and now that it is passed, I can only be hopeful that the planned benefits of this new "lively" city-scape come true, and we are not in fact augmenting the creeping crime/traffic/housing problems that the county has barely attempted to address. Some additional questions:

1) By all appearances, both parties agreed on this issue. If redevelopment is good, Ken Ulman must be nothing short of a hero for playing maestro. Will Trent leave this issue off the table, or are there fighting points that I don't see?

2) Which of the present council-people are going to hang their hat on the redevelopment for the next executive election? Who are they going to blame if it goes wrong?

3) Will the creation of a "new city" make Howard even more blue than it already is?

1 comment:

  1. While the bills passing is just one more nail in the coffin of incumbents, it's important to see where their money will be placed.

    They're going to tout this move as stellar in the minds of the public, if they're smart. Because we are not forgetting that they paid lip service to constituents and bailed out GGP.

    And we're certainly not going to forget that they excluded ANY limitation on taxpayer subsidy of this gargantuan venture.