Tuesday, February 2, 2010

John Bailey on Redevelopment

John Bailey gives a good analysis of the new redevelopment plan and why some of the concerns may be addressed by the efforts to make Columbia a "destination" and not simply a place to work. For those of you that disagree, I invite you to respond to the points as they are presented. I know John is an occassional reader, so hopefully we can create some back and forth.


  1. Ok, I'll jump in.

    As a Republican, John, voters expect you to cringe at bailouts but here you are, bailing out GGP at the taxpayers expense.

    As a non-incumbent voters expect you to be a citizen running for office, but I see by your page linked above that Greg Fox is one of your supporters. Greg is great at insider elitist rule, but hardly citizen rule.

    Studies show that growth never pays for itself. The taxpayers in every district will pick up the tab for infrastructure and county salaries required by this new density.

    Considering I won't argue the points above because I already know them to be true, how can you John as a Republican justify your support for this taxpayer subsidized plan?

  2. Thank you for this opportunity and asking a question. I believe that it is always in the best interest of government to create a situation in which jobs can be created. We know that government does not do a good job creating jobs, no matter how much money they dump into a program, a perfect example is the TARP money and the lack of jobs that have been created by both parties in the White House.

    Business is the true job creator. This in my opinion is not a bailout by the government. Howard County is giving GGP the opportunity to develop the land that they own and turn it into something that will benefit the community. It is very true that it will also greatly beneift GGP, which it should since they are taking a risk by building on their land and creating a product.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this plan will create jobs and put people to work. What are the alternatives to this plan, which is an important question to answer as well. Wilde Lake and Oakland Mills are a great example of what can happen when nothing at all happens to revitalize an area. Vacant storefronts, an increase in crime, a drop in property values, and a lack of opportunity for the residents living in that area are all a result of doing nothing and letting an old plan sit on the shelf for too long. This is not my vision for Howard County. This plan will prevent that from happening in downtown Columbia.

    I do take a little exception to the fact that you twice state that since I am a Republican I should inherently be opposed to this plan. Not all Republicans, just like not all Democrats or Independents think alike. This plan will help the community, and at the end of the day, that is what is most important to me, not what party I belong to or what group I have joined. As for who supports me, I believe that you saw my Facebook fan box. I can’t control who becomes a fan of my campaign on Facebook, but I am glad that Greg Fox or any of my 163 other fans support my campaign, and I hope that number will grow. I will turn no one away who wants to show their support or voice an opinion about my campaign. Party does not matter, it is all about doing what is best for the community and working to improve lives. Something I strive to do every day as a public school teacher.