Sunday, February 28, 2010

Love me some Proudfoot

I've been told recently that I may have an "agenda"...and I look forward to someone taking the time to tell me what that may be. In the meantime, I want to do my best to broadcast the candidates that I think can do a "darn" good job at running our county. I recently asked David Proudfoot, candidate for School Board, to tell me what he thought about Allen Dyer's recent positions on the BoE budget. David was kind (and brave) enough to give me an answer:

After reading the article about the operating budget, I am in agreement with the majority; the 6 board members who approved the budget and sided to allocate funding for transportation to parochial school students.

Even though increasing opportunities and extra curricular programs for elementary students are important (which is what Mr. Dyer proposed) I feel that the funding should continue to be used for providing transportation to parochial school students. I believe that all residents of the county are required to pay taxes for the purposes of educating children and that all residents should get a return on their investment.

Using a portion of school operating funds for parochial reasons is not unconstitutional. In the case, Reynolds v. United States, the Court did not find any violations in collecting taxes for the purpose of sending children to a religious school. According to the Court, providing for transportation is analogous to providing police protection along the same transportation routes - it benefits everyone, and therefore should not be refused to some because of the religious nature of their end destination.

Once again, thank you for inquiring about my viewpoint on this important issue.

(Me again) I think this guy is great. As someone looking to start a family in Howard County, I want someone like David on the board. The Board of Education gets very little attention, but they speak for a lion's share of our budget. I would like to hear what kind of questions you may have for Mr. Proudfoot, so that he may develop answers to those questions as his campaign goes forward. That's my agenda!

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  1. My wish list for the HCPSS would be:

    1) Rid the system of gargantuan egos (this would solve many of the problems in one fell swoop)

    2) Open up the book sales to legitimate publishers, rather than restricting to a handful who continually misprint and generally do a poor job (also, use Kindle which is a stark no-brainer that somehow escapes HCPSS).

    3) Teach using a spoon before using a fork - ie., stop teaching bad language as 'genre reading' in elementary school prior to children learning correct grammar. TEACH PHONICs. Goodness gracious!! It's insane to teach whole language (44,000 sounds) rather than the 40 sounds made by the alphabet. It's sheer insanity what egos have been able to destroy.

    4)PROVIDE SYLLABI. Good Gosh, people. Let parents know what the kids are doing!! Private school work with parent massively better than 80% of teachers adn 100% of administrators. Drives one mad.

    5) Teach to BOTH genders, please. Ask a typical girl and boy to divide 6 by 3 and here's what you get:

    Boy: 6 divided by 3 = 2
    Girl: There are so many ways to divide 6 by 3, what does this teacher want me to do? I could have the answer 3, 2, and 1 which is 6 divided by 3, or I could have 2, 3, 1, or so on.


    My Gosh, My gosh, my gosh. Hopeless hapless system only succeeds due to the booming tutoring business.