Monday, February 22, 2010

Minority Report

At the start of the next school year, white students are expected to be less than 50% of the student population in Howard County schools. This is largely attributed to a progressive influx of diverse immigrant populations (primarily Asian).

I remember when I was growing up out in Highland, it was an almost entirely white student body. I recall being in classes with some asian and some black students, but not many. It is exciting that my children will grow up in an environment where differences in appearances and backgrounds will be assumed and no longer be grounds for separation or stigmatism. Diversity in the classroom has been affirmatively proven to enrich the quality of the education and the well-roundedness of the students. This is also a snowball effect in that the quality of the education will draw additional students, which will further enrich the classroom experience. I am no education major, but this is all good to me.

I understand that there are those among us that will view "immigration" and "immigrant" with distaste, no matter the legality. Often these arguments have little substance and end with the three words "take our jobs." The only thing taking anyone's jobs is capitalism, and competition is the root of your problems there. As Obama says "it's a race to the top."

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  1. I was blessed that the United States Air Force had brought me to this area during my armed service years, but when I left the military the diversity of Howard County kept my family here. I am proud to live in an area where my children will be encompassed with great worldly culture and ethnic variety.