Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh Sarah

(Thanks Tim)

This just doesn't look good...not at all...must of been McCain's advisors going for the fatality...or Kaitie Couric...or the inside-the-beltway mentality...or the bridge to no-where getting its revenge for all the mean talk.

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  1. Not a Palin fan, but I can't get upset about this. There are lots of more eggregious insults to ethics and standards than buying books with campaign money.

    Now, for the latest on the home front: Long time HCCA member Bill Woodcock has resigned from HCCA. HCCA is a controversial group who has less members than the Howard County Beekeepers Association, but they have a very loud voice and influential position - maybe earned on past laurels. I don't agree with Bill's positions on just about anything, and I hope he's speaking the truth rather than just lashing out because HCCA doesn't support his positions, but this group has set back community organizing decades and needs to go.