Friday, February 12, 2010

Press Thumb to Nose, Wiggle Fingers

When you see stories like today's article about Senator Ulysses Currie, don't you feel like we need an Elliot Spitzer type prosecutor to just go bananas on these jokers? State Prosecutor Robert Rohrbaugh tried to do this, but was mocked for ending up with nothing more than a gift card scandal totaling, at most, $500. Meanwhile, we have a legal framework in place that makes it impossible to get to the heart of government corruption, such as legislative immunity, which cloaks the actions of legislators from criminal scrutiny (i.e., BRIBERY).

I'm just so frustrated that we live in a world where Sheila Dixon can play the victim and Ulysses Currie votes while the federal government bobs and weaves his illegally paid attorneys in their investigation of his malfeasance.

In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. If you aren't busting your butt for real honest government, you deserve no better than what you have. Senator Currie appreciates your acquiescence.


  1. Spitzer was just what the miscreants needed. But if one chooses to target people with his speed, focus, and drive, you need to be squeaky clean. Client nine, you disappoint and leave us with no hero of near equal caliber.

  2. Speaking of Senator Currie, let's not forget about the time the FBI raided his home during an investigation of him receiving money as a "consultant" for a local grocery store, money which he didn't report on his taxes, and then helped get legislative favors for the grocery store. And also remember that the FBI found marijuana in his house during that raid. Senator Currie is no saint, but that doesn't seem to sway his constituents.