Friday, February 26, 2010


The blog Red Maryland gave the Howard County GOP Central Committee a shout out...and a bit of a spanking. I was at this meeting, but have made a promise to myself and members of the club that I would not be "reporting" on matters of the club after the "fury" I raised by questioning the manner in which the club election was run (however, I never questioned the results, which appears to be the new dirty rumor spreading about the since deleted post).

Seeing that Brian Griffiths posted on the subject, I'll lend my two cents (btw, was that the guy with the sports jacket and the jeans? [UPDATE: No, it wasn't] I never trust people who pair SJs and Jeans who are not at an "I Love the 80's" party).

1) I truly believe that John Wafer and the Central Committee have the best interest of the party in mind. They are collecting names to recruit volunteers for precinct captains. While I've had my own interpersonal issues with some members, I never doubt their dedication or motives.

2) I think the CC may be out of touch with the populist anti-establishment fervor of the club. The Committee, fairly or not, is viewed as an elitist group. (See "House Members opinion of the Senate"). They could ask the club for a glass of water and I think they would be waiting for a bit. On top of everything else, when a member of your group runs against the current president, you can't expect things to be back to the status quo at the next meeting. I'm all for democracy, but I also know that people's feelings get hurt and lines are drawn in the sand. If you can't work with that, you aren't a leader.

3) A potential "third way" is instead of saying "This is what the Central Committee is doing," members should reach out to Karen Winterling (the club president) and partner together for this precinct captain effort. "The Central Committee and the Club have partnered to..." Maybe it's just semantics, but it certainly sounds nicer and answers #2. The only hold-up may be that there will have to be concessions of control.

Now, go ahead and interpret this post to say that I think the Central Committee eats babies, for all I care.


  1. I am not commenting on the content of this or Red Maryland’s blog because “Prudence” is my new middle name, I will leave that up to others....But I am offering my sincere thanks to the many members of our club, who spoke up and voiced their opinions….This is what our club is all about! Standing up, Speaking up and Democracy in action!
    I loved the meeting and felt energized by everyone!
    Btw, Glenn Beck wears jeans and sports jackets all the everything else, styles are cyclical.
    A very big fan of Jeans & Jackets (J&J),

    Karen Winterling
    HCRC, President

  2. Thanks for the comment, Karen. I'm sure the J&J movement appreciates your endorsement. I must wonder whether your support extends to the J,J,&T crowd...that being (Jeans, Jacket, & Tennis Shoes).

  3. In keeping with Republican's worst attribute is the lack of transparency associated with having to remove a post.

    Whoever in the club is pressing for lack of freedom of speech should be called **OUT** by ALL who say they support the Constitution.


  4. I must say I was dissapointed with the amount of infighting in the county. Both sides need to be more mature and work together regardless of any bad blood. We are all here for one goal, electing republicans.

  5. To clarify, I didn't "have" to remove the post. In my best five-year-old tone of voice, no one tells me what to do here. Remember my post about being "positive"? I will continue to criticize when necessary, but that post just had too much negativity wrapped up in it. I was angry about a bunch of other things going on, and it came out a little too "raw." I hold myself to a higher standard here.

    So 1) There is no censorship; 2) Nobody told me to take it down.

  6. In Virginia 8,000 to 10,000 Republicans participate at the State Convention, in Maryland a small group of Central Committee members haggle endlessly about the "weight" of their vote. So which state elects more Republicans, the one with Politburo mentality or the one with the grass roots approach?

  7. My observation is that the Central Committee, with honorable intentions,leans more toward the center while the club leans very much toward Conservatism. Yesterday's Health Care Summit was exciting in that it was the first time in a long while that Republican Leaders held fast to their beliefs and stopped trying to be the party of "let's make everyone happy". Staying in the middle, looses elections and the country is paying dearly for it. Ronald Reagan, Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie did not campaign as middle of the roaders. The two newly elected governor's are knocking the ball out of the park as they govern from the right. While I have not agreed with some of the negative slogans and so forth that the club put out in the past (reminds me too much of the "Let's Save a tree, plant a Bush bumper stickers I saw for 8 years, I always appreciated the energy, hard work and enthusiasm of the club leadership. Plus, I feel like negativism has stopped. We need the club. We need the Central Committee. The two MUST work together and MUST adopt CONSERVATISM to win elections here in Maryland.

  8. Great comments guys (and gals). Thank you.

  9. The HCRC, the Central Committee and the HCRWC all work very well together and we have one main goal, and that is to take Howard County back in 2010. There is NO in-fighting. There are a few disgrunted folks who do not take not getting their way very well. Just like every family, we all have disagreements, but we will never let it get in the way of our ultimate goal!!

  10. I was not able to attend the last HCRC meeting, but heard about one particular issue. I tell you I just can't get my head around this. Please, someone tell me why individual groups within Howard County who espouse such principals as “Taking Back Our County”, Taking Back Our State” and “Take back our Country”; refuse to help each other accomplish those goals by whatever means necessary.

    Refusing to share resources with each other to accomplish a common goal makes me remember why I hate politics so much. Everyone seems to be trying to show how powerful they are, and to me, this is a recipe for disaster. Now of all times, is not the time for any group to be totally individual, and isolated from other organizations working toward a so called “common goal”. This is the time to be helping each other in any way possible to actually realize the election of Republicans to as many offices possible within the County, the State and ultimately the Country.

    When I found the Howard County Republican Club I felt that I had found a home. For a while things were great and then I saw things that started to sour me on the club. I got the feeling over time that Karen felt the club was hers and that she was the club rather than a collection of caring and committed people who share a common interest. Although I had problems with Karen, I always gave her credit, privately and to others as a passionate determined can do person. She and Dave have done a terrific job of putting together bus transportation to events, happy hours as well as informative and energetic meetings. Having said that I find myself very disappointed that Karen did not jump at the opportunity to share the resources of the club with others groups that are working toward a mutual goal.

    The fact is, getting together with like-minded people at the club is great; it’s a great social event. But if the ideas, energy and cooperation have to be checked at the door before we leave, to me it’s a waste of time. I’ll go have a beer with my friends.

    This is our year; this is the year for Republicans in Howard County and the State of Maryland. Don’t blow it be letting petty jealousies, and the thrill of power get in the way of our ultimate goal of making Howard County and the State of Maryland a better place for our children to grow up in.

  11. Thanks for the post, Anon. Just to clarify a bit, Karen actually didn't do anything to oppose this measure. She was just calling on raised hands.

  12. How can "Anon" comment on the meeting, when he/she stated that they were not even there? The answer is obvious. Anon is listening to GOSSIP and not taking the time to determine what the real facts are. Being the president does not give me the authority to share the list. It is not my club, nor is it my list. The list belongs to the club and the members of this club, not I, clearly stated how they felt about sharing their information and we must all respect their decision.
    Next time you are inclined to comment on my motives or my actions, please take just a few moments to actually speak with me, you might just be delightfully surprised ...the truth usually does that.

  13. HoCo - you are not exactly accurate. I can explain that later.

    Anon - well said.

    Unfortunately the February meeting was not a regularly scheduled club meeting, was not properly announced to the members and about 10% of the voting members of the Club were in attendance. I do not believe the vote that took place could be considered an accurate reflection of the feeling of the members.

  14. Are you sure we were attending the same meeting? The HCRC record will illustrate that the February meeting was announced at the January meeting and it was advertised thru Facebook for 3 weeks. There was also an email campaign that advertised it for 3 weeks. In addition to that, a personal email was sent out 2 days prior to the meeting, by me, that went to over 100 people reminding them of the meeting and if they needed to renew their membership in the club, that the event would then be free. That is why the turn-out was so good despite the dicey weather reports. There were 10 brand new members that evening and 62 members in attendance. This means that over 1/3 of the (renewed) voting members of the club were in attendance.
    The meeting is over and the motions were approved. You can certainly believe that it was an accurate reflection of the feelings of the members.

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  16. If you stop cheer leading for your team and start talking to Independents about conservative policies, we'll listen. We're WAITING for you all to do something reasonable to distinguish yourselves once again as the party of fiscal responsibility.

    But please, don't call it party politics,don't elect Republicans at any cost. Nominate good representatives.

  17. Jeans and jackets rock, and to clarify it was loafers, not tennis shoes

    All my love,
    The guy who was in the jeans and jacket