Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To the Mattresses

Looks like the Redevelopment Wars have gone to "the mattresses." Russ Swatek and Co. have started "Taxpayers Against Giveaways" and will be renewing efforts at a petition to get this vote to referendum.

I can't find a link for the group, but this is an interesting (however predictable) turn of events. I don't really know where I stand on this. On the one hand, I've seen the mess that direct democracy can have (i.e., California). On the other, open referendum will allow these "people on the margin" as they were inartfully described, reach their "court of last resort." There can be no further debate if the referendum approves the redevelopment plans. If it is the will of the people, then let nothing get in its way.


  1. It would be great if West County Republicans joined the Columbia liberals to get government hands out of our pockets. TAG and CAGW.

    But one's priorities have to place partisanship way down on the list, behind personal finances, behind an eye on the future, behind logic.

    I guess it would require a bent toward the practical in place of an ego that wants a chosen team to win even if it shoots one in the foot.

  2. These people hold nothing back about teachers, and the teacher's responses were just as outspoken:

    6th post down had 96 comments on teachers

  3. Anonymous, unfortunately the real issue is money. While we may hope and pray that our candidates can get elected without raising funds, I've come to understand that this is an impossible goal. Candidates that aren't bankrolled by the developer interests can't get their name out without the support of citizens willing to contribute $50 to buy 30 door hangers or 15 yard signs. A candidate can only do so much by shaking hands. Until "the people" realize this and act on it, we're going to be watching votes like this for the rest of time.