Saturday, February 6, 2010

Warm Fire, Good Book, Great Company

Well my cable is out. There is something refreshing about being unable to link up to the talking box...comparable to the cold turkey method of breaking a bad habit (although I doubt that would ever be described as "refreshing"). I have a Kindle loaded up with good books, a couple hard copy books (including Atual Gawande's new one, which is a quick, good, read), my beautiful wife (who is currently cooking up some chili), and two dogs that required me to shovel this heavy a$$ snow at 6 am. No one will admit it, but I think most of us secretly enjoy being "snowed in."

Wordbones was kind enough to offer his 4WD vehicle in the service of Howard County General, but it looks like the Big Kahuna put the kabosh on that. For everyone that prays, please keep the people in need of medical service and the homeless in your thoughts today. While all of the romanticism of the previous paragraph still stands, a storm like this has terrifying implications for our most vulnerable.

Here's a quick clip of how it all went down:

For some other things to keep you busy, the Sun has an interesting new way to read its "paper" edition. I know the Sun gets trashed here, and in other talking circles, but I don't look forward to the day that we no longer have a regional paper. Just like everything else, the Sun presents itself to the public for criticism (and ridicule), but at least it's there.

Interesting story on the "politics of a snowstorm." Good luck SRB!

This guy doesn't seem too nice. Nails and glass in the driveway? What happened to the good old diaper in the mailbox?

The thing about this federal stimulus money, and the reason so many people/states are wary about accepting it, is because it is "sticky." It comes with preconditions that have very little do to with financial reform. It can be related to the famous quip by Clausewitz about war being "a continuation of politics by other means." Well the stimulus is the continuation of government policy by other means. In Maryland, business owners don't want to bite the poisonous apple offered by Obama and O'Malley (both names can be said almost in an "Oh Roger" exasperation way) is because it will require them to enlarge the unemployment pot, which would put additional taxes on their bottom line. Not to go all Ayn Rand on you, but how much longer can we in good conscience burden our business class? Their only obligation to society is distribute goods and services in accordance with demand. Why must they also be an engine for social programming? If our "people" are so dedicated to providing for the needy and disfavored, Saturdays should be an obligated day of service and all those interested should offer to pay a 50% income tax to provide for these "necessary" programs.

Really? Eliot Spitzer is making a political comeback? Sorry Mr. Fitzgerald, but I think you were wrong.

Doesn't look like the candidate forum is going down. I'll keep looking at our options there and allow for a bigger build-up next time. I don't want more candidates than readers. Ha ha.


  1. From Courtney Watson:

    Dear Neighbor:

    Please see information below regarding snow plows and trash pick up.

    A message from Howard County Public Works:

    · The forecast is for a multi-day event with near blizzard conditions. Do not go out if at all possible. We will attempt to keep the main roads passable thru this evening and on Saturday. The local roads and cul-de-sacs will remain impassable. If the snow ends Saturday evening as forecast we expect all roads to be open by Monday late afternoon.

    · No Saturday trash collection for Ellicott City. Trash pickup has been rescheduled for Monday, Feb. 8th.

    · If you have vehicles parked on the street please move them into your driveway so that we may better do our job.

    Track the Snow Plows throughout the next three days at

    Terry and I will be checking the Council email during the storm (as long as we have power), if you have any questions or concerns. Stay safe!

    Courtney Watson
    Council Member

  2. Thanks! So Monday afternoon is the goal. Good thing I brought my work computer home.

  3. The snow at my house in ec is nearly hip high, was very difficult to walk the distance needed, but my path served the dogs well. They are loving it, but can't be left outside for even 5 minutes today and are not good with being inside except for 'business' time.

    The local news isn't showing as bad as it really is, so hoping people are not thinking they can dig out today.

  4. I'm conserving my wood in case electricity goes out. Burned a fire all night and then heard that >4k Howard homes are out of power.

    I gave my sister a kindle for Christmas because I was enthralled with the item. I keep making an appt to get one for myself, and even had a dream about Kindle the other night. Frugality. I can be a burden!

  5. Well just put a spin on that frugality...most Kindle books are $7 cheaper.

  6. That press release from Councilwoman Watson is a laugh riot "We" ??? Like checking Her email on Her county issued blackberry will keep people safe or snow free? I bet those guys working the plows really enjoy those furlough days, Did the Councilwoman take any?

  7. Our "electeds" have super hero complexes that make them think that we can't survive without their help and guidance. It is pretty embarrassing.

  8. Actually, it wasn't a press release, but an email passing on information from Public Works that I received from the Councilwoman. I was happy to have the information and the latest one I received said it might be Tuesday before all roads were plowed - again from Public Works.