Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whoa, Mr. Sun Paper, Calm Down! (UPDATED)

The Sun writes a glowing article about Senator Mikulski, which serves the dual purpose of one 1) Discrediting her challengers; and 2) Painting her as some public "saint" that (quote) would "prefer that constituents view her as a public servant, rather than a candidate." I mean, this is sicky sweet stuff.

But most interesting is the vivid contempt the writer shows for the blogger medium:
On Monday, shortly after Bayh surprised Democrats by announcing that he was quitting, an obscure right-wing blogger posted a report that Mikulski would be announcing in a few days that she will step down. The groundless report was picked up by other blogs - including some that clear the very low bar for respectability in this realm - without bothering to check its validity.

I would say it borders on the unprofessional, but in fact it falls way into "thuggery" and "bully pulpit" territory. According to the Hedghog Report, which also questioned the validity of the rumor, this talk about retirement came from The Vail Spot's "impeccable source." Well get to "peccing" because that source didn't work out.

A quick comment on bloggers: For the most part, our source is the newspaper. I think the medium augments and supports the online readership of local papers. As I say repeatedly when I bash the Sun, I wouldn't want to see a day without it. Do I think they are doing a poor job at providing the "disinfectant" for our local governments? Absolutely. Is the coverage skewed towards the blue? There is no question. But when I need to back-up something I've heard or look to make an argument based on the facts, the first place I go is The Sun website. So Paul West, turn the contempt down a skosh.

By the way, the two "non-major opponents" thus far are:
Jim Rutledge and
Eric Wargotz

I'm sure these men (and their families) would take umbrage at the suggestion that they are not mounting serious campaigns. I think to print such a thing would imply a "very low bar for respectability."

Three "non-major opponents" to Barbara Mikulski (Thanks Eludius)

Meet Carmen Amendori who is to be congratulated for purchasing a domain name, but appears to have done little else on that front. Looks like we may have a crowded primary field.

I put all three names into the Campaign Finance Database (pretty sure bat-phones ring across Howard County when I mention that site on this blog) and found that Wargotz is the only one with reported money in the coffer at about $20K.

SIX "non-major opponents" to Barbara Mikulski (check it out here, which does not note Ms. Amendori).

Apparently John R. Leopold (County Exec in Anne Arundel County) is considering a run...hmm...well, I'm sure he was considering a run until someone violated the "if the Impala is a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'" rule.

Daniel McAndrew has his campaign site up and running. Mr. McAndrew is a proud member of the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows and an engineer.

Last, but certainly not least (and probably not even last) is Corrogan R. Vaughn, who even has a YouTube channel set up.

I'm a recovering comic book nerd, and this reminds me of when Superman died and there were four other semi-supermen with some of the powers of the expired Superman. Each of these candidates have their own qualities and abilities, but it will take a while to come up with the "Super-Candidate."


  1. Human nature: when you have a personal deficiency, project it onto others.

    Newspapers are 100% guilty of the same thing bloggers do. The difference is that newspapers are sometimes embarassed by the gaff, and some bloggers don't learn to check sources.

    At this point, newspapers have more readers so it's smarter to partner with selected bloggers.

  2. Former Maryland Delegate Carmen Amedori has also announced her candidacy (ironically in an interview with the obscure right-wing bloggers).

  3. Duly noted. Thank you Eludius! (Delegate Amedori needs to get on the horse with her website. This is the 21st century!)

  4. Make no mistake, incumbents vascillate between panic and cringing when we access the CAMPAIGN FINANCE DATABASE. One council member flat out said "why do you even look at that stuff?! it's meaningless!!"

    I'm sure ;)

  5. I know you are young, inexperienced and idealistic about your candidates. However, without name recognition, voters don’t even know to consider voting for you. Take Anthony Jordan. He has not lived in the County long, done anything directly of note for the people he wants to represent, can’t raise any respectable amount of money (Alan Kittleman gave him 1/3 of his money) and he has no substantive message about why he is running and what specifically he will do.
    He would need a lot of money to try to convince the voters of district 2, which is heavily democrat (1) that he is even a candidate and (2) why he is running and what he would do differently. He seems like a nice guy. A shame he will get beaten so badly that (1) it will hurt his credibility in 2014 or 2018 when he may be a reasonable candidate, be seen as a loser and (2) it will just run up the D numbers in that district which will hurt Trent Kittleman, who is actually a good candidate.

  6. Well, it is nice to know the bat phone is still working.

    First, you show some familiarity with me, which makes it surprising that you would choose to post your comment here, rather than e-mail or call me. I am inexperienced, but I don't really see that as much of a knock. There aren't too many stickers on the GOP helmets around here, if you know what I'm saying. Google my name. People like you (and I have a good idea who you are) do not impress or intimidate me. In fact, someone that appears to be in the GOP network that would feel the need to publicly discount a GOP candidate on an insignificant blog such as this, disgusts me.

    Second, you are just plain wrong with regard to fund-raising. You are either stubborn, or no one cares for your opinion enough to tell you how much Anthony, or any other candidate, has raised in the last two months.

    Third, a loss will hurt future elections?? Really? Have you ever read a history book? I'd suggest picking up one on Lincoln, Nixon, or Reagan to start.

    Finally, I'm with you on Trent. I am excited about her candidacy. I respect her for putting her name out there against a candidate bankrolled with hundreds of thousands of fundraising dollars in his war chest. I am excited for Anthony. I am proud to call him my friend and see how hard he has worked every single day for what he has always known is an uphill battle (although the man must have some cleats with the strides he's making now). Their names are out there. You, on the other hand, post an Anonymous message, without any information to back up your babble or even a name to respond to. You are a coward.

    Feel free to give me a call -- Tom 410-371-2569