Thursday, February 4, 2010

You down with SRB? "You don't know me"

If you've got 15 minutes to burn, I would suggest checking out this fawning bio piece in the Sun of Baltimore's new mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. (You ever just want to walk over to the Sun's office, grab an editor, and say "HEY!! People would read your paper if they thought you were interested in 'speaking truth to power' or 'questioning authority.' Patty-cake can be found on the government websites under 'news release.' Your editorial board is running out of ways to defend O'Malley's policies...especially after embarassing themselves by claiming there would be no millionaire flight.")

Here's my take: I think she will be good for the city. This isn't because I was brain-washed by the Sun. It's because she is a no-nonsense career driven insecure (that's right) Mayor that knows her only ticket anywhere is by "fixing up the place." I say insecure because people like SRB that seek external praise and rewards via political office, at the end of the day, are just kids that didn't have enough "A" papers put on the fridge. Someone at sometime told them they wouldn't amount to anything, and they are out to prove them wrong. I think SRB is good at what she does, but she really finds confidence in her success, not vice-versa (as the Sun seems to suggest).

She will work harder than anyone else and will not let the corruption of Dixon's administration land on her door-step. I am sure that she was aware of everything that was going on, but someone like Stephanie would see herself as the super-hero that is above all of that nonsense. Not out of moral fiber, but out of pure arrogance.

So let me hear it folks. Here is a career politician that I am implicitly endorsing (although I doubt the Rawlings-Blake camp would see it that way). Much worse, A DAGGONE DEM-O-CRAT! Ya lost ya damn noodle?!?


  1. I can see it, so hoping you are right. Her appointees will tell volumes.

    As for speaking truth to power, that was a line used during my last performance evaluation - thankfully it worked in my favor because it's just too deeply ingrained to change. And that's how I like it.

    Supporting a Baltimore City Democrat? Good for you!! You really are on the leading edge, wish you'd run for office.

    But don't expect any kow towing from me when you win - truth to power, I'll remind you.

  2. Ha ha, the day I see my most consistent Anonymous kow-towing to anyone will be the day it snows 50 inches in Columbia...wait a sec. Ha ha.

    Thanks for the continued support. I am having too much fun with this blog to consider running for office anytime soon. I am looking to get on my village board, which will "get my hands in the dirt" if you will.